Training Topics

Basic Optics – From how light is refracted, to prescriptions and how they function, and affect our image of the world around us.

Lenses – Materials and designs.  From glass single vision, to ultra high index and progressives.  Everything has a use!

The Math Side – It’s not the dark side, but it can be daunting, at first.  But it’s really not scary, and needs to be known.

Frames – Materials and how to handle them.  Shapes and colors, there is truly something for everyone.  Kids, adults, dress frames and safety frames, sunglass and sports frames, we cover it all.

Fitting and Troubleshooting – Being an optician, sometimes one must be a detective.  When a customer has problems seeing out of their new eyewear, is it the eyeglasses, the prescription, or something else?  Helping you to help your patient to see their best.

Insurances – copays, allowed amounts, write offs, VCP’s and insurances can be confusing, even to those who’ve been in the business for years.  Medical versus routine, discounts versus funded benefits, we can help you navigate through this important topic.

Lab’s – wholesale, in house, stock lenses or surfaced?  How to recognize the where, when, and why to making sure your customers get the best product, yet you also keep a good bottom line.

Frame Board’s – Are you managing them, or are they managing you?  It’s not just getting discounts, and having product, it’s getting the correct product, and being billed correctly.  Between deals, consignments, discounts, buying groups, margins, insurances, it can be a nightmare, or a dream come true.