New Sign and Free Vision Screenings

It's so awesome! This is the new sign out front of our building, looks great, right? Some new things happening, the office will be getting a face-lift in the next few weeks, going to look fantastic! We are also building an exam room in order to offer eye exams one day a week, Wednesdays. That should be finished near end of July. We now offer free vision screenings every first and third Friday of the month. This will allow you to see if your eyeglass prescription has changed greatly, or not. This does not replace a comprehensive eye exam, but just compares your vision needs with your current eyeglasses. We still offer mobile services, both to the individual and companies. This now can include the vision screenings. I have been visiting Summerhill ASL quite a bit lately. It's great to visit and help the residents see better. That's all for now, and will post pics as things happen!

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For every 5 pairs of eyeglasses sold, 1 will be donated to a child or adult, in the same community. We work with schools and community service programs to help those with need

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