Keeping it Independent!

Do you like how your community supports you? Wish you could support your community? Celebrate Plaid Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cider Monday with us! According to AMIBA (the American Independent Business Alliance) independent retailers return, on average, $62 of every $100 spent at their business back to our local economy. This money recirculates through our community, boosting job growth, charitable giving and civic engagement. While national chain stores return $14 of every $100 spent, for Amazon the money returned to the local economy (called the multiplier effect) is close to zero.

For myself, shopping local and independent means staying in business. It also provides free eyewear to those in need, locally. For every 5 pairs of eyeglasses I sell, I donate one withing our Greater Monadnock community. I use a local lab in NH to make the eyeglasses, keeping NH citizens employed. I currently offer 15% OFF my already lower prices, if you donate 5 non-perishable food items or 5 packaged school supplies, those I can donate to the local food pantries and local school systems.

The last part is the large insurance game. You pay to have insurance, and you pay to use it. I skip it, by giving you a lower price to begin with. You can submit for reimbursement, but I will never raise my prices, just to give certain insurance group discounts. I think everyone should pay a lower price to begin with.

Thank you!