Back to School SWEEPSTAKES!

During the month of August, VizionZ in Peterborough will be running a "Back to School Sweepstakes"! Starting August 1st, and running till August 31st, VizionZ will have weekly drawings, and those entered will be eligible to win special prizes and discounts! Each Saturday, and the 31st, randomly chosen winners will receive "1/2 OFF a complete pair of eyeglasses" (up to $250), "$75.00 Off a complete pair of eyeglasses" or "25% off a complete pair of eyeglasses." To enter, one must simply come in, and check out our shop! Say hi! Look around! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! If you cannot come in, you can message us on Facebook, and enter that way. You can find a complete list of rules here. Winners each week will be removed from the following weeks drawings. At the end of the month, everyone who entered (including weekly winners) will also be entered in a random drawing for a free pair of eyeglasses, up to a $500 value!