Giving the gift of Sight

Here at VizionZ, we love giving back to our community. I like to think we all do, each in our own way. Clear vision is taken for granted by many people, nearly every day. Tasks such as seeing to drive, the ability to read a book, a blog or a medicine bottle. Recognizing friends while we are out an about. Watching our children play, learn and grow.

We like to give that clear vision to those that need it, and can't afford it. For every five prescription eyeglasses sold, we donate one to someone who needs it. Whether it be a child who's glasses have been broken, or an adult, when life throws you those curve balls and it's just one more thing that you need to put off for more important things.

If you need eyeglasses, please visit one of the aid providers listed below, to see if any vouchers we've given are available so that we can help you see clearly.

If you're looking to help those in your community, when you need eyeglasses, know that your purchase at VizionZ will contribute to the clear vision for someone that may not be able to afford it.

The River Center

9 Vose Farm Rd, Suite 115

Peterborough, NH 03458

(603) 924-6800

Contact: Margaret Nelson

SAU #1 office

106 Hancock Rd

Peterborough, NH 03458

(603) 924-3336

Contact: Judy Hertzler