Children and Poor Vision

How Poor Vision Can Impact Your Child At School

Surely I’d notice if my child was struggling to see! Wouldn’t I? After making glasses for many years, I thought I would, but it’s often difficult for parents to tell when their children need eyeglasses. Kids don’t know that they “should” or “could” be seeing the world much more clearly than they already do. It’s possible that vision screenings offered at school or the doctor’s office may miss problems like nearsightedness or astigmatism. And these vision issues can greatly impact your child at school.

There is nothing more important you can do to help your child in school than to ensure they are seeing well. Poor vision has a tremendous impact on a child’s education. Vision problems can cause issues for a child in every part of every school day.

Here are just a few examples:

Can’t See the Board

Your child may have difficulty seeing things that are far away. If their desk is positioned in the back of the class, seeing the board could be next to impossible. Teachers use the board to write assignments, write illustrations, or write out directions. Your child may suffer frustration from not being able to see or rely on this visual reminder.

Difficulty Reading