Do you feel that you're working harder and harder, for less and less?  You're not alone. Between vision care plans, cost of goods increases, equipment and employee costs, is it a wonder that you're able to pay yourself?  That shouldn't be the case.  Our initial free consult, gives you an ear to talk to.  Someone who's been there.  Someone who wants you to not just live, but live successfully. 

After our initial conversation, if you choose to let us help, we take each of our clients through a series of steps in our consulting program.

The first step is the gathering information, taking a snapshot, if you will.  Giving us, and you a feel for where your practice is at, and finding out more about the area your practice is in.  Finding out what makes you, and your employees love doing what you do, is integral in keeping your team, a team.  We will also get to know your competition through their websites, advertisements and social media pages and reviews, as well as a series of competition 'mystery-shopping'.  Every detail matters.

The second step is that we work together and create a strategic game-plan for your practice. We can plan out the work. Then we can work with the plan.

The third step is where we start to implement these strategies, and we'll help to make sure and get the staff involved in this process. This is where many consultants leave it totally up to the doctor to accomplish. We don't, we help you from start to finish!

The fourth, and final step, is where together, we monitor the results our plan through a series of weekly and monthly statistics, and you can actually watch the growth happen right before your eyes! Your team is a large part of this too!  They will appreciate the pride and "ownership" of their careers. We'll teach you how to monitor the results, and what to do in case any of the certain areas start to drop off.

This is integral to practice ownership and being a great CEO of your practice. Few practice owners actually analyze their numbers correctly, but in doing so, you can chart a course for your practice to grow and succeed. Do what you love, and love what you do.

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